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Team Members

Derby Song:

VP of Operations

Mr. Song started working in the industry since 2000, he has a lot of experiences in metal work, finishing, costing, craftsmanship, etc. He could always come up with the best solution to bring customers' ideas in a feasible way to make them alive. He has a great personality and is a real hard worker, our clients love him so much!! He was also made one of the owners of the company. 

Frank Liu:

Chief Engineer

Frank has been working on some amazing projects with the company since 2012, he has a lot of experiences in lighting industry and knows the regulations and standards very well, he pays a lot attention to details and always pursuing for perfectness!! Our clients rely so much on him!

Sam Chen:

Senior Engineer

Sam has long years of working experiences in some great companies in the industry, and he is very good at working with 3D drawings. Sam is also one of the most responsible engineers, he looks every single project as his own masterpiece! 


Senior Engineer

Rong has long been the only engineer in the previous companies that he worked with, and that built his unique strength of very diverse background knowing nearly everything!! We cherish a lot of his joining to BoardWalk. 

Larry Huang:

Project Manager

Larry started his career in lighting industry since 2001, he worked in several big lighting companies before joining BoardWalk and is now a great asset to the company. His most remarkable project is the light poles and audio poles for Tomorrowland, SHDR. Larry spent 9 months to complete this project and turned it into a great success for both Disney and BoardWalk. 

Marco Zhao:

QE Manager

Marco started his career from working on assembly line and then promoted to be line leader, QC inspector and then QE manager. He is an expert in lighting and home decor industry, and is good at working with our key vendors to control the quality, he performs training for our in-house QC inspectors weekly and is always trying to improve. 

Yang Feng:

Production Manager

Mr. Yang has been working in the industry for long years, he is always thinking positively and proactively. With his joining, we have improved our production schedule much better and he also does a good job in training the workers and follow ISO rules. He has made himself a great asset for the company. 

Zhu Xiaolu:


Xiaolu is a fantastic person with great personality and loyalty, he is doing some of the most difficult jobs in the company, but he never complains and could always find a way to resolve the problems. He is definitely the "Go To" man in the company!!



Ren is a great person with long years of experiences as a merchandiser and PMC, he is doing a good job with his hard endeavors and dilligence. And he is a very reliable person and easy going.  

Qin Mingquan:

Metal Shop Manager

Mr. Qin has been in the industry for over 15 years, yet he is still dynamic and always willing to try new techniques. He is so good that we rely a lot on him to take care of some of the most challenging projects, and he never let us down. We all love him!!

Yoga Huang:


Yoga smiles a lot and we love to see him smiling. As that means something good is happening. He is handling most of the home decor developments and believe me: they are very challenging! Yoga has been doing a great job!!

Lily Fong:

Key Account Manager

Lily is very keen on details and she could always catch the very unnoticeable issues internally. That is why our clients rely so much on her to make sure everything is correct before leaving our facility. 

Jennifer Hao:

Key Account Manager

Jen is such a sweet person and we all love having her in the team! She is very confident in what she is doing and we just love her!! We have heard many clients saying highly for her great job! And we know that. 

Sam Du:

R&D Manager

Sam is a smart boy, young and dynamic. He started his career as an engineer and at his current position, his background helps our clients to realize the ideas into pretty prototypes at a much higher speed. He is doing a great job! And more importantly, he is still learning fast...

Wu Hui:

HR Manager

Wu Haui has a super personality and everyone loves her! She is always calm and rational, easy to communicate. And she is always thinking positively and could give some great suggestions for the management team to make better decisions. She is a great asset to the company! 

Yuan Yuan:

Book Keeper

Yuan has proved her professionalism in a very short period of time. She improved many of our shortcomings and helped our cash flow situation. We feel honored to have her in the team!